Law Office

Law Office


Çekinmez Law Office is among the most well-known law offices in Turkey and is involved in the important projects of large companies and institutions, provides high-quality consultancy, arbitration, litigation and enforcement services for its local and foreign clients.

Within the scope of the consultancy service, our Office, through its specialized attorneys experienced in their fields, pursues all legal processes with regard to the commercial activities of its clients. Our Office prepares the contracts of companies, performs their legal correspondence, conducts research on their legal subjects, performs their data reporting, evaluates their projects, registers their decisions in relation to their management, makes due diligence, manages their mergers and acquisitions, organizes their relevant interviews and meetings. In this context, we are providing consultancy services for many companies that are among the top 100 corporate companies in Turkey and for public institutions.

Within the scope of the arbitration and litigation services, our Office pursues the domestic and foreign cases of its clients. Our attorneys have successfully completed many local cases with a high value in Turkey and are engaged in many international commercial and investment arbitration cases in the USA, UK, Switzerland and France. Most of the cases followed by our Office are comprised of domestic and foreign disputes arising from the contracts of companies, the protection of foreign investment rights, the violations of administrations and the penal sanctions company directors may encounter in their commercial activities.  

Within the scope of the enforcement service, our Office collects the receivables of its clients from every city in Turkey through its competent team. Our team closely pursues debtors in all stages of enforcement; monitors processes step-by-step through its legal intelligence and call center services. We are currently providing debt collection services to leading private banks in Turkey for their receivables with a high value.

Çekinmez Law Office conducts its services in accordance with international standards and protects the commercial interests of its clients to the full extent. We would like to state that our Office can provide its clients detailed information and reports via its specially-designed software.