Who We Are


As an international player in law, our diverse opportunities attract the very best experienced professionals. It’s important that you apply for the right positions in order to work with us. We invite you to follow the application process tips outlined below to analyze the best possibilities. Our applicant pool continues to grow; therefore, we cannot reach out every candidate. If the fit is right, we will be in contact with you.

We Are International

  • We provide legal services to our international and multinational clients
  • We follow international arbitration cases all around the world.
  • Our main offices are in Istanbul and Ankara and we have representative offices in London and Dubai.
  • We work globally through our network based on our clients’ needs. Our operational reach encompasses +50 countries worldwide across 5 operating regions: Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and America.

We are Diverse

  • We embody diverse experts including Lawyers, Engineers and Financiers.
  • We believe “Women in Power” – 70 % of our employee are women.
  • Our diversification and direct focus to commitment and relationships make “Cekinmez” highly reputable law firm in the region. We continue to expand upward in new and exciting ways and are looking to grow with individuals who harbor a similar ambition.

We are Growing

  • We have succeeded to become a major player in Turkish market after we were established in 2005. Throughout the years, our client portfolio has expanded and included Turkish conglomerates and multinationals and foreign investors.
  • Until now, we have represented our clients in +3000 litigations including + 2500 commercial cases and +20 international arbitration cases all over the world.
  • As of 2020, we have +50 employees in our offices.


There’s something special about Cekinmez. There is a sense of pride that comes from building a law firm that people love and makes the most of ourselves as a firm and as individuals.

We are on a new journey of growth, building on our most formidable assets: our reputation, our global reach and the strong commitment of our management and associates.

Our journey focuses on leveraging these strengths to become a truly sustainable growth company and, ultimately, one of the most respected law firm in the region.

What Do We Offer ?

Our knowledge, top-notch quality of service and the global scale of what we do.

The challenge of meaningful work – our system offers constant opportunities to develop high skills and a truly successful career.

Our agile culture where people convert their passion into action.

The kind of competitive compensation you would expect from a strong player.

What Do We Expect From You ?

The ability to contribute, to make a difference and have a tangible impact – turning your passion into action.

Creative and fresh thinking in your work and your life, regardless of your role.

A spirit of collaboration – you thrive when you work with a diverse range of people with different views, perspectives and priorities.

A pragmatic and legal mindset that understands the challenge of sustainability and business.

Top Reasons

Ability to make a difference: being part of a firm that creates value & makes a difference every client we engage.

Cekinmez is a place where you can make a positive mark on legal world. Whether through our initiatives or the ripple impact each person creates by simply doing their job well, there are endless opportunities to build value and make an impactful contribution to community.

Ability to grow: it’s about us… together, we will bring out the best in ourselves and our Company.

A career at Cekinmez is truly a rich experience. It’s more than working for a law firm; it’s an opportunity to be a part of something that impacts the community.

Every person has the opportunity to create a long and successful career with Cekinmez. With cases in many countries, catalog of development programs and the growth opportunities with this firm are flourishing.

Development programs

  • We are committed to provide education and development programs to associates at all levels of the organization. These include:
  • Performance System: our ongoing individual performance management process & rewards.
  • Assessment and Development Forums
  • Functional Development: to enhance and build job knowledge, skills, and competencies within a functional area.
  • On-site & Online Trainings: our trainings possess sessions for learning and capability building activities across the Firm.
  • Short-term Assignments: to expose associates to work that is different from what they do on a daily basis. This could be a short-term assignment in another project or case based on different assignments.

Growing from within

We have a tradition of growing people who have demonstrated the ability to deliver excellent results in different ways. The success of Cekinmez depends on every associate in the organization. Ultimately in our business, it is people who make -things- happen-with clients, our solution partners, and the stakeholders in which we work with.

We want to become… one of the most respected firm in the region.

Cekinmez has track record of success from USA to Central Asia, international arbitration to project finance. In recent years, Cekinmez expanded its presence in the region and become a preferred law firm for many international projects and positioned as one of top listed firms in the region. Our unyielding commitment to integrity and quality has earned us the respect of clients.

We have embarked on a strategic journey… with our vision reflected on clear goals for associates.

Global changes presented us with a unique opportunity to significantly strengthen our business for the long term, prompting us to create our “vision”. This action plan outlines our goal to increase our revenues and was produced based on input from associates and other key stakeholders. The vision is based on our fundamental belief that businesses have influence to change the environment while achieving financial success.

What is most inspiring about this action plan is that it reflects a future where success is defined not solely by how much profit the firm generates, but by the work environment, the impact on our society and the clients we serve, how we treat our solution partners and how we steward our resources.


Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the market. With help from our people, we have defined behaviors that reinforce our values:

Respect: Embrace varieties

Collaboration: Leverage collective professionals

Integrity: Be reliable and trustworthy

Passion: Driven by heart, calibrated by mind

Quality: Blend competence with business acumen

Be part of a diverse team

We believe our firm should be as diverse as the clients we serve and as inclusive as our services. This diversity allows us to understand and connect to the needs of our clients everywhere we work with and to continue to deliver successfully in everything we do. At Cekinmez, you have the opportunity to work on teams with people who have different backgrounds, ideas and visions. We are all unified by our passion for the success of the firm and desire to add value and make a difference.

Enrich your experience – outbox thinking

Cekinmez expands beyond the limits of legal services while having a strong association of network to global brands. Because, Cekinmez also provides unconventional support to its clients through its owned-developed legal software “CLS”. This high-tech software meets the associates and clients under same platform and enables them to manage, monitor and report all legal processes online.

Meanwhile, Cekinmez is also a solution partner with one of the World’s Top Global Database company: Lexis-Nexis which enables our associates to reach world-wide information in legal world. This unique environment increases the creativity and nourish the outbox thinking amount our associates.

An encouraging culture… where people convert their passion into action

Being a dynamic place to work where people are willing to deliver more and inspired to be the best they can be.

From day one, you’ll notice a culture where our people are truly dedicated to living our values. We consider Cekinmez to be a law firm with a world-wide vision. Cekinmez represents qualities such as caring, sharing, connecting, integrity and excellence. Our culture mirrors those attributes.

One (Firm + Team + Aspiration)

One Firm. As our journey continues, our shared passion is transforming Cekinmez. When you join the firm, you’ll enjoy an environment where ideas are free to find their way, support is close at hand and pride inspires us to grow. Each day we’re developing meaningful and accelerated learning opportunities and anticipating the skills and resources we will need to meet our clients’ demands.

One Team. At Cekinmez, it’s our people who make -things- happen. Our job is to shape the business of our clients which requires the vision, innovation, and passion of every single one of our associates. Each day the relationships you build with you colleagues will help you succeed not only in your job, but in your career as well.

One Aspiration. The desire at Cekinmez goes farther than our people and our firm. From our efforts to ensure that we have fair and inclusive workplace to our responsibilities outside our business. We do our best to spread the rule of law in the countries that we are practicing law. We believe in fostering a workplace that embraces all our people’s unique abilities. We’re committed to supporting and protecting our clients’ rights while respecting others.

Accessibility to more than just a Firm… a connection to our ecosystem

Cekinmez strives to entertain more than your professional goals, but your personal goals as well.

  • Ambassadorship
  • Networking
  • Connecting with a world-wide community

Rewarding Environment: benefits & rewards

Rewarding in Cekinmez is more than just pay and benefits. It’s about the total value of working at Cekinmez. That includes programs focused on the complete package of pay, benefits, learning and work environment. Our benefits – coupled with fulfilling salary and the opportunities to build a career through the experiences the Cekinmez offers – deliver rewards that continue to differentiate us in the market.

To ensure that our programs are competitive, the Company regularly benchmarks our offers against those of other leading companies in the marker. We regularly evaluate and, as needed, update our rewards to ensure they are aligned to drive the expected results that are focused on creating sustainable long-term growth.

The most common elements of our rewards are:

  • Base salary
  • Annual bonus
  • Long-term incentive
  • Benefits: our benefits are highly regarded and are designed to meet employees’ basic and life-changing needs. As market dynamics evolve, the Firm regularly assesses our benefits to ensure employees receive those benefits they value and are provided with diverse options that address the issues of associates and promote healthy lifestyles.

If you are interested in employment opportunities at Cekinmez, please submit your profile today.

Application Process Tips

Identify an opportunity that fits your profile

  • Check out the requirements
  • Identify the roles that fits better with your previous experience, strengths & capabilities

What the Job requires ?

  • Area of expertise
  • Previous work experience
  • Educational requirements
  • Technical or functional skills & core competencies
  • Language requirements
  • Level of responsibility
  • Location
  • Travel percentage

Self-Assessment: Analyze your background vs. the job requirements

  • Do a critical analysis on your strengths and opportunity areas in order to compare them against the job description.
  • Defining what you have: your competencies & style.

Are we right for you ?

  • Learn more about our culture: mission vision &values and compare towards your needs and values.
  • Identify why you want to work for Cekinmez.
  • That way we can both find out if Cekinmez is right for you.

Now you are ready to decide to:

Apply: we highly suggest you select & apply to the job which most appropriately matches your qualifications.

Even if the current opportunities do not match with your profile, we still want to know you and hear your story. So please click the link below to put your resume to our pool. When there are new or updated positions that fit your profile, we will contact you.

Resume and Cover Letter Tips


  • No more than one page
  • last formal education, dates & degree
  • labor experience:   Company, position, period of time, functions, accomplishments.
  • Proficient skills, competencies mastered
  • Strengths or developed skills
  • Languages.
  • Cover Letter: where you describe briefly what you are looking for (include areas of interest) & what you offer (include areas, years of expertise, strengths).

Interview Tips

Be yourself: Acknowledge your passion, aptitudes, experience and learning’s; identify your strengths & identify how can you leverage all your skills to be successful at Cekinmez.

Explore our business, performance & way of working: Research thoroughly to find out all you can about the firm and/or the position.

Be prepared:

Understand the requirements of the position you are seeking, and closely examine how your skills and abilities support that position.

Then think of specific experiences you have had that are relevant to the position’s requirements.  When you are formulating your specific experience stories, use the acronym of “STAR”  to help you:

S/T = (Situation or Task) explains the circumstances or the background

A = (Action) Describes the specific action that you took

R = (Result) Conveys the outcome of your action (use measurable terms)

Get ready to provide us a number of specific & practical experience stories in STAR format providing recent & relevant examples based on the different job requirements or skill sets of the job which you are applying.

Leverages the experience:

  • Take this opportunity to bring any question that are important to you to be answered in the interview.
  • Be sure to be on time, know who will interview you
  • Arrive with confidence, be yourself & use your experience stories in STAR format to illustrate your talents.