Banking & Financial Services

Çekinmez advises some of the largest national, international and multinational banks and financial services companies and institutions on their daily and long-term strategic objectives. Our experience and professional breadth uniquely position our firm to provide innovative legal solutions to customers so they can best leverage their full potential in the market and meet all business challenges.

Our clients conducting business in the financial sector also consist of public and private banks, national regulators, asset managers, private equity firms, leasing companies, investment and retail banks, insurance companies, capital markets and their participants. We likewise represent our clients in significant banking and commercial transactions – including restructurings.

Our specialist lawyers are located both in the political capital (Ankara) and the financial capital (Istanbul) of Turkey. In addition, we have a global network of business contacts and intermediaries to help our clients reach all major capital markets and regulatory centers.

We advise our clients regarding all their legal needs, including meeting their regulatory demands, public policy, and enforcement areas while ensuring full compliance at every phase.

Additionally, our Banking & Financial Services Team constantly provide training sessions for our clients on management strategies in order to increase their awareness and comprehension of legal knowledge of banking and financial sectors. We greatly value providing our clients the key to their own long-term success.

Consumer Goods & Retail

Çekinmez is known for providing consultancy services to local and internationally well-known companies that conduct business in the consumer goods, food and beverage, and retail sectors.

We advise companies that aspire to expand into new product lines or territories, protect their brand equity and IP, and comply with regulatory regimes.

Due to the continuously rising power of consumers and changing shopping behaviors, the dynamics of the consumer goods and retail markets can often be difficult to harness. This brings numerous challenges which our lawyers regularly advise on, including new ventures and acquisitions, environmental sustainability, waste and accountability, consumer marketing and customer data ownership.

We have significant on-the-ground experience within the global network of consumer goods and retail companies. This puts our Consumer Goods & Retail Team in a unique position to provide top-quality counsel to support and protect your organization as it looks to expand across borders.

Çekinmez regularly advises companies in these industries:

  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Grocery
  • Retail and Fashion
  • Health, Beauty and Personal Care
  • Household Products
  • Investors and Funders

Energy & Natural Resources

Çekinmez has experienced lawyers specialized in energy and natural resources law who stand ready to provide practical and creative advice to clients on such critical topics as energy trading, electricity, oil and gas, renewable energy, and water markets.

 Energy and natural resources is a market sector that is globally in flux and beset by complex regulations. Our dynamic Energy & Natural Resources Team is prepared to meet all the requirements and needs of its clients across the entire energy sector value chain, from construction projects to environmental issues, from the wellhead to complex M & A.

 Depending on our clients’ needs, our Energy & Natural Resources Team can provide in-depth consultancy services on project development, capital markets, corporate organization, competition, regulatory bodies and government relations, litigation matters, trade, dispute resolution, arbitration and tax issues.

 In short, our team provides strategic advice from the drawing board through the financial and development stages, from getting permits through negotiating the complex world of legislative, political and regulatory issues.

 Alongside energy companies, Çekinmez’s client profile consists of a considerable number of corporations, developers, financial institutions, government and regulatory bodies.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Today, businesses specializing in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, agriculture, plant biology, diagnostics, food supplements, and many other subfields in the healthcare & life sciences sector encounter overwhelming and challenging legal issues daily. One may even say that the challenges have never been greater than what we are experiencing now in our globalized world.

Çekinmez provides consultancy services to its clients conducting business in the healthcare & life sciences sector. We seek to guide clients in how best to manage the challenges that they may face while developing and commercializing their products. Furthermore, Çekinmez collaborates with a wide range of private and public organizations, research institutes, as well as financial and medical experts in order to offer its clients the most comprehensive and reliable advices. Protecting our world’s foremost medical innovators, inventors, medical suppliers, and service workers is not just a business imperative, but a social responsibility. Thus, we place great value on both defending our clients’ intellectual property as much as we do on maximizing their returns.

Çekinmez and its dedicated lawyers stand by its clients throughout the whole cycle of medical innovation, from the research and development of healthcare & life sciences products to manufacturing, from the protection of intellectual property to marketing and sales. It is our utmost priority to keep your projects moving, to get them through the regulatory red tape, and ultimately to achieve your target and reach your market audience.

Our specialized Healthcare & Life Sciences Team also supports clients across all other areas, including government affairs, environmental law, import & export, tax, real estate and employment law.

Industrials & Manufacturing

The industrial and manufacturing law sector includes a great number of legal topics, from labor law to consumer law, contracts, environmental concerns, work safety, real estate, shipping, and distribution, to name a few.

Our Industrials & Manufacturing Team is specialized in advising clients on their day-to-day strategic concerns wherever they choose to do business.

Our senior lawyers are supported by a dedicated team that understands the sector and the challenges it throws at innovators and entrepreneurs. Providing economically viable and cost-effective solutions that work for our clients is a top priority.

Çekinmez help its clients on important issues affecting the industry, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Brand Protection
  • Chemicals
  • Contracts
  • Digitalization
  • Employer and Employee Benefits
  • Environmental Issues
  • Export and Import
  • Manufacturing
  • Labor Law
  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Patent, Licensing and IP
  • Real Estate and Finance
  • Shipping
  • Tax

Infrastructure & Construction

Our clients operating in infrastructure and construction need experienced advisors with deep knowledge of each respective market. The Çekinmez approach is one predicated on the principle that clients should receive the most comprehensive and competent services as they work towards building and connecting the world we live in.

Our Infrastructure & Manufacturing Team is qualified to serve clients in all aspects related to the business of international infrastructure and construction. Our lawyers are professionally and practically trained in conducting M&A and restructuring, as much as they are skilled in managing the disruptive effects new technologies and business models present. Likewise, our team of legal professionals can facilitate funding and procurement contracts, guide clients through the complex infrastructure lifecycle, PPP and PFI, transportation and logistics, asset management, and proactively prepare clients for any dispute and arbitration, should the issue arise.

Çekinmez prides itself on the emphasis it puts on becoming part of its clients’ interests and goals. It is a privilege to help medium and large-sized companies fund, build, operate, buy and sell essential assets and deliver successful projects.

Furthermore, Çekinmez provides consultancy services on all aspects of the sector, including regulations, project finance, intellectual property, commercial agreements, political risk assessment, on-site construction implementation, litigious disputes, restructurings, investigations, and tax.

Our present clients include investors, funds, firms, contractors, operators, governments, regulators, and non-profit organizations.


The Çekinmez Insurance Department offers its clients a full range of insurance services, including legal advice for regulation of policy provisions, drafting contracts, business transactions, dispute resolution, litigation, regulatory transactions, risk assessment, restructuring, and damage compensation.

Çekinmez’s clients in the field of insurance law include individuals, insurance buyers, agencies, insurance companies, reinsurance companies, banks, financial institutions, and non-financial corporations.

Çekinmez offers its clients a dedicated team consisting of well-informed lawyers who understand the insurance sector, proactively work to prepare for as well as prevent whatever challenges our clients may face, and find effective solutions that work for our clients’ particular needs and concerns.

Media, Sport & Entertainment

Çekinmez knows exactly how the media, sport, and entertainment industry works, how competitive it is, and the challenges it poses thanks to our past work in these three fields and our ongoing work with clients. Specifically, our Media, Sport & Entertainment Team has top-notch lawyers that are skilled in providing creative, solution-oriented, and economically responsive approaches.

Çekinmez has a top notch team that is delicately advising media, sport, and entertainment industries on issues such as finance, investment and corporate issues, production and rights acquisitions, exploiting media rights, intellectual property protection and enforcement, regulatory and administrative issues, antitrust and competition law, and dispute resolution.

Real Estate

Çekinmez supports its national and international clients planning to invest in real estate in Turkey throughout the procurement process. This includes a full range of legal services in all areas such as acquisitions and disposals, tax efficiency, land use, environmental law, planning and development, construction and leasing.

We also are intimately experienced in investment management, leasing, short term rentals, and mortgages. Moreover, our experienced Real Estate Law Team is ready to assist you when you have issues or are in need of advice relating to tax and insurance law.

Navigating legal and regulatory issues in Turkey, as well as potential litigation, are specializations that few other law firms can boast about. Our clients benefit from our significant country-specific legal, financial, and administrative experience. We pride ourselves on orchestrating high value, long-term projects that involve complex structuring, a process that can often seem overwhelming to foreign investors. Our Real Estate Team takes professional pleasure in ensuring that negotiations are managed with utmost integrity and transparency, while also ensuring tax efficiency.

When it comes to seeking out real estate investment in Turkey, Çekinmez guarantees that its clients will reap the benefits from our professional insight and first-hand experience in the field.


Çekinmez is one of Turkey’s most prestigious firms to have work experience with emerging as well as internationally established technology, internet, and digital media organizations and corporations.

The Technology Team of Çekinmez possesses sector-specific knowledge concerning computers, electronics, software, and technology as much as it does on media and technology law. The team helps its clients with structuring of information technology transactions and licensing of computer software according to patent law.

In a world in which the reality of international cyber assault is as much a political as it is a business reality, our Technology Team offers legal advice to our clients relating to internet, cyber-attack and personal data protection.

Our Technology Department clients include companies in the following areas:

Law Technology
§ Artificial Intelligence
§ Cyber-Attack
§ Internet
§ Personal Data Protection
§ Computer Hardware
§ Corporates
§ IT and Outsourcing Services
§ Public and Private Organizations


Of interest, Çekinmez is not only a law firm but also a software developer. We have created the best software in Turkey aimed at organizing the legal departments of corporate companies.

In this context, our experienced lawyers and software engineers have created web-based functional software aimed at organizing the legal departments of corporate companies. The relevant attorneys and directors can easily monitor and report their legal work in detail on a 24/7 basis from anywhere. Thus, all relevant departments of corporate companies can correctly use and archive the relevant legal documents. The software codes are written according to international standards and advanced security measures.

We would like to state that the Çekinmez Software Development Team currently cooperates with the largest telecommunication company of Turkey and ensures that its software runs by using the most advanced technology and infrastructural requirements.