Antitrust & Competition

Clients looking to achieve their desired goals and maximize the profitability of their business ventures  while facing the inherent challenges of doing international business need reliable and qualified legal advice. At Çekinmez we provide an integrated approach on all general matters of antitrust and competition law so that you will always be on the cutting-edge of making new deals in both traditional and emerging markets.

Çekinmez shares its market knowledge and insight with clients across a number of key topics, such as sustainability, interaction with competitors, obtaining a dominant market position, and making supplier and customer arrangements. In addition, Çekinmez advises its clients on mergers and acquisitions, general competition law, arbitration, competition authority, tax law and many other different fields relating to antirust and competition law.

Lastly, administrative rules concerning antitrust and competition law oblige companies to conduct business in compliance with strict regulations. This often can negatively affect the market edge companies when conducting international business. It is therefore all the more necessary that companies have reliable, capable, and creative legal support when conducting and / or expanding their business.

At Çekinmez, you needn’t worry about strict administrative regulations and authority approvals. Our Antitrust & Competition Team is ready to assist you in all aspects of antitrust and competition law whenever you need us and wherever you do your business.

Banking & Finance

Çekinmez advises its clients on all legal aspects of the banking and finance sector, from personal loans to corporate business deals and cutting-edge transactions of financial products. In addition, through developing comprehensive, client-specific strategies our top-tier banking and finance industry experts stand ready to prepare clients to face a dynamic and sometimes overwhelming financial industry.

Our senior lawyers have sufficient experience of domestic and international financial and banking law, with specific emphasis on bank lending, property finance, project finance, acquisition finance, assets finance, derivatives, capital markets and Islamic finance.

Çekinmez’s clients who are currently conducting business in the financial sector consist of asset management companies, leasing companies, construction firms, local and foreign banks, finance companies, insurance companies, capital markets, and their participants. Çekinmez provides consultancy services to our clients by operating in a diverse spread of non-financial sectors as well.

Among our fields of expertise, Çekinmez’s Banking & Finance Team takes particular pride in our performance in the following:

  • Asset Based Lending
  • Asset Finance
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Debt Finance
  • Derivatives
  • Global Investment Funds
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Structured Finance and Securitization
  • Trade and Commodity Finance


Çekinmez’s experienced corporate lawyers assist the region’s foremost enterprises, financial institutions, and startup companies throughout all stages of planning, implementation, and financial management.

Çekinmez supports clients from buying decisions to rights of shareholders, from mergers and acquisitions toventure capital, and debt offerings. In this regard, Çekinmez provides a full range of legal services for our corporate clients.

Our clients have an advantage over their competitors in that the Çekinmez Corporate Law Team puts at their disposal a team of lawyers with extensive practice in national and international corporate law. In the past, our team has successfully handled all aspects of complex issues in domestic and multinational corporate transactions. Furthermore, whenever a client faces a truly challenging hurdle, our team will work tirelessly to find lifesaving and long-term solutions. Ultimately, our job is only complete when a client achieves 100% of their goals.

Every member of our team has sector-specific experience and knowledge about banking and financial services, energy and natural resources, labor, insurance, intellectual property, antitrust, unfair competition, compensation, tax, life sciences, manufacturing, and technology, to name a few of our specializations that are tangent to, but necessarily intersect with, corporate law per se.

Çekinmez’s Corporate Law Team takes particular pride in our performance in the following:

  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Crimes
  • Emerging Group and Venture Capital
  • Franchises
  • Global Investment Funds
  • International Corporate Reorganizations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Private Equity
  • Public Company and Corporate Governance
  • White Collar Crimes

Data & Technology

In the area of Data & Technology Law, Çekinmez represents individuals and businesses from a number of different industries across the world. Our lawyers practicing in IT law help minimize the risks inherent in your business transactions, while maximizing your success rate.

Our lawyers understand the economic and regulatory world of IT. They have first-hand experience practicing in information technology law involving internet law, cyber-crimes, data privacy, data security, personal data protection, electronic signature, and artificial intelligence. For these reasons alone, we stand out among other legal firms here in Turkey.

You can unconditionally rely on our Data & Technology Team to explain technical concepts to your employees, a judge or an arbitrator, as well as resolve legal issues. Our lawyers get it. They comprehend the complexities of data and technology related services and their attending legal complications. By virtue of their practical legal backgrounds and training, our team with help you answer all your information technology and software development related questions and legal cases.

When it comes to Personal Data Protection, Çekinmez provides consultancy services involving collecting, recording, processing, storing, modifying, using, publishing, erasing, and destroying data processes in accordance with the international regulations like GDPR and Turkish legislation. If you are processing or collecting any personal data due to your transactions, you are required to adjust your systems to accord with local and / or international law.

Moreover, Çekinmez helps clients who are in the process of adapting to Personal Data Protection regulations, such as banks, hospitals, hotels, medical centers, shopping centers, private schools and universities, e-commerce companies, electronic money institutions, cargo companies, producers of consumer goods, restaurants, software developers, and technology companies.

Çekinmez’s Data & Technology Team takes particular pride in our performance in the following:

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Protection, Privacy and Security
  • Media, Sport, Gaming and Entertainment
  • Licensing
  • Patent, Trademark and Copyright
  • Software Development
  • Technology Transactions and Strategic Sourcing
  • Telecom


Clients operating in the energy sector need practical and creative advice from experienced advisors in order to navigate these often choppy market waters. This is a particular legal specialization that our team takes interest in precisely because of the challenges the sector poses. Our dynamic and diverse Energy Law Team will work tirelessly with you to fulfill all your market goals. Moreover, we are markedly interested and experienced in renewable energy, a growing and dynamic market globally that is often mired in complex regulations.

Çekinmez’s Energy Team provides high quality legal services in all segments of the energy industries, including but not limited to infrastructure finance and transport matters. Our lawyers are skilled in managing risk related to commercial, strategic, technical, geographical and political factors that shape and impact these industries, as well providing the requisite legal advice and counsel to our clients concerning all issues and risks inherent when working in these sectors.

Importantly, Çekinmez is one of Turkey’s leading legal firms that provide consultancy services in this sector. With our ten years of experience in the renewable energy sector, including hydro, solar, wind, energy-from-waste, biomass and biofuels, we can help you explore this environmentally friendly approach to energy production. Inevitably, we need to work altogether for the planet to secure its future.

To that end, Çekinmez’s Energy Team will guide you throughout each stage of a business venture, such as drafting contracts, planning and developing projects, getting permissions, licensing, negotiations, joint ventures and other corporate matters.

Çekinmez’s Energy Team is experienced in supporting clients in a number of key areas such as:

  • Electric
  • Defense Industry
  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Transmission
  • Public Private Partnerships and PFI
  • Renewables
  • Transport
  • Water and Waste

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law is one of the most vital legal areas of interest for companies, e-commerce organizations and other legal entities. Companies must try to protect their brands, products, data, technologies, and services around the globe.

In the area of intellectual property law, Çekinmez provides consultancy services related to exclusive rights of literary and artistic works, fashion products, scientific and technological works and products, industrial designs, trademarks, other signs, and a number of related issues. Likewise, Çekinmez is ready to provide extensive consultancy services in all aspects of intellectual property law including copyrights, trademarks, patents, technology products, trade secrets and e-commerce issues.

You can be sure that our team will stand by your side throughout the registration process of your trademarks and patents. After this preliminary phase is over, our well-qualified lawyers will help you to protect your intellectual rights in compliance with international conventions and domestic regulations.

Çekinmez’s Intellectual Property Team takes particular pride in our performance in the following:

  • Advertising, Marketing and Promotions
  • Commercial Contacts
  • Franchise
  • International Corporate Reorganizations
  • Media Sport Entertainment
  • Patent Litigation
  • Trademark and Copyright

International Arbitration

International arbitration is the most convenient and preferred method to solve disputes arising from international commercial contracts. In general, arbitration is a more confidential, cost-effective, efficient, neutral, speedy, and private mechanism than national court-based litigation. For those reasons, Clients operating in international commercial areas usually prefer to include an arbitration clause in their contracts.

Arbitration agreement is the most efficient key in solving commercial disputes with the respective parties’ consent. Drafting of an effective and feasible arbitration agreement is the most significant part of the arbitral process because any ambiguity in the arbitration agreement can ultimately upset the entire business processes. This is easily avoidable. You can be sure that Cekinmez will provide high quality consultancy services for you from the drafting of an arbitration agreement to the phase of recognition and enforcement of the award.

It should be emphasized that Çekinmez is recognized as a pioneer in the field of international arbitration. This is primarily due to the fact that our dedicated lawyers have solved complex commercial disputes through ad hoc and institutional arbitration. An equally relevant factor is that most of our lawyers have studied and practiced arbitration law abroad.

Moreover, Çekinmez’s International Arbitration Team has experience in conducting international arbitration including acting as counsel or sitting as arbitrator under all the major institutional and procedural rules, including those of the ICC, AAA, ICSID and UNCITRAL.

At present, Cekinmez represents parties in international arbitration consisting of various sectors including aviation, banking, construction, energy, finance, insurance, international trade and investments, intellectual property, maritime, media and communications, sport, technology and telecommunications.


Since the advent of globalization as an undeniably permanent market phenomenon, employment and labor issues have become more complex than ever before. For companies doing business in the borderless global economy and open market, these dynamic changes and challenges may seem all the more overwhelming. With the proper legal team, any and all employment law related issues can be easily overcome.

Cekinmez advises its clients on legal issues regarding employment legislation wherever they do business. In other words, Cekinmez finds efficient solutions for its clients and manages all risks with regard to employment relationships.

Our Labor Law Team will assist you from drafting contracts or directives to termination of contracts, as well as in conducting litigation and mediation.

Cekinmez’s Labor Team takes particular pride in our performance in the following:

  • Compensation
  • Drafting Contracts
  • Drafting Directives
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Global Employment
  • Immigration
  • Corporate Reorganizations
  • Litigation
  • Pension and Reward
  • Termination Process of Contracts


The 21st century has brought with it limitless commercial opportunities for companies, but it has also increased legal and financial disputes around the world. Mitigation of those risks requires early collaboration with experienced lawyers who understand the local market as well as the legislation.

Çekinmez’s lawyers are skilled at arbitration, investigations, litigation, and alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation and negotiation. Across this spectrum of specialization, our team has extensive, topic-specific legal knowledge and first-hand experience that we bring with us to any legal dispute. Our collective experience as practitioners of law both here in Turkey and abroad, such as in MENA, Europe and North America, brings to the table a unique multinational edge of expertise. We can see beyond the horizon of national borders and anticipate the litigious standards of at many totally distinct legal systems.

In short, our regional and international work endows us with the proper skill set for developing unique strategies for every case our clients bring to us. Çekinmez is aware that every case has a distinctive key which we use to unlock complex disputes. To illustrate this point, our lawyers have solved complex commercial disputes through ad hoc and intuitional arbitration.

We at Çekinmez believe that the secret to our legal success rests in collaborative teamwork and analytical attention to every detail in every case. Therefore, the lawyers of our Litigation Team are capable of managing complex business disputes effectively. At present, Çekinmez successfully continues to handle a number of technically challenging and complex multi-jurisdictional cases.

Among our fields of expertise, Çekinmez takes particular pride in our performance in the following:

  • Administrative Law
  • Antitrust and Competition
  • Banking and Finance Litigation
  • Construction, Engineering, and Infrastructure Disputes
  • Corporate and Securities Litigation
  • Cross-Border Litigation
  • Employment Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Insurance and Reinsurance Disputes
  • International Arbitration
  • Investigations
  • IT and Telecoms Disputes
  • Patent Litigation
  • Product Liability, Mass Torts, and Product Stewardship
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Tax Controversy and Disputes
  • White Collar and Corporate Crimes

Mergers & Acquisitions

Çekinmez advises on transactions worldwide, offering our clients support across all stages of M & A activities including contract drafting, consolidation, due diligence, structuring, acquisitions of assets, negotiation, management acquisitions, and tender offers, to name a few.  Of course, M & A activities inevitably affect other areas of law, such as employment, tax, financial services and corporate governance as well. Our lawyers are prepared to advise simultaneously on all the above so that you will not encounter any risk.

Specifically, our lawyers have in-depth experience in making international deals at all stages of Mergers & Acquisitions. They will offer you cost-effective, pragmatic business solutions in domestic and cross-border corporate transactions. Moreover, Çekinmez proactively evaluates both internal and external issues that our clients could face throughout M & A transactions and develops strategies so that you will be situated to handle successfully the issues that may arise.

Importantly, our clients benefit from our Mergers & Acquisitions Team’s professional knowledge and commercial strategies regarding corporate law. Ultimately, it is our goal to maximize value for your business and ensure that all transactions throughout the process are completed effectively.

Project Development & Finance

It is an axiom of business that poor financial planning can upset even the most innovative of projects. One must necessarily anticipate and evaluate inherent yet hidden risks, strict legislative regulations, contractual issues, and potential failures of agreement. Our Project Development and Finance Team has significant experience in domestic and international project development and project finance to ensure that you will succeed whenever and wherever you do business.

At Çekinmez, our team is professionally prepared to assess and ultimately manage the financial risks your projects may face. We seek to develop the requisite strategies that suit your business model and that will better facilitate the achievement of your goals. Similarly, our team is critically in-tune with not only region-specific and international financial issues, but also political factors. Our approach to business is holistic and one that takes public affairs and policy as seriously as projected economic models.

Çekinmez advises its clients on all aspects of structuring and financing projects, drafting business agreements, and using financial products. In addition, our experienced team supports its clients even when the going gets tough. We achieve success only when our clients achieve their goals. Strategy in business is as much a intrinsic skill as it is a practiced mindset.

Real Estate

Çekinmez supports its national and international clients who currently possess or are planning to invest in real estate in Turkey throughout all proceedings including investment management, sharing, selling and purchasing of property deeds, taxes, leasing, short term rentals, and mortgages.

Our experienced Real Estate Team has in-depth sector-specific knowledge and stands ready to assist you whenever you have issues or need advice relating to legal tax law, landlord tenant law, accidents and injuries, estate planning, and insurance law.

Moreover, Çekinmez offers a full range of real estate law services to its clients in areas including financing, fund formation, acquisitions and disposals, tax efficiency, land use, environmental law, planning and development, construction and leasing.

Our clients benefit from our significant experience in orchestrating high value, long-term projects that involve complex structuring, facilitating negotiations, ensuring tax efficiency, navigating legal and regulatory issues and, when necessary, litigating on their behalf.

Çekinmez’s Real Estate Team takes particular pride in our performance in the following:

  • Construction and Engineering
  • Leasing
  • Real Estate Asset Management
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Real Estate Litigation

Regulatory & Government Relations

Çekinmez’s Regulatory & Government Relations Team provides advice at all stages of conducting national and international business transactions and ensuring that our clients meet global governance standards. Our team focuses on areas particularly related to international trade, antitrust and competition, regulatory bodies and governance.

Today, administrative rules and other relevant regulations oblige companies conducting business in Turkey and around the world to comply with complex legislation. For that reason, companies could be negatively affected by these strict regulations. Competent legal support is therefore imminently necessary when conducting business or expanding professional goals both in Turkey and abroad. Our professional Regulatory and Government Relations Team is ready to assist you in all aspects of trade and governance whenever you need. We know the system both inside and out. We stand ready to guide your company through the bureaucratic melee with confidence and élan.

Accordingly, we represent clients in different forums, such as public authorities and bodies, lawmakers and courts. We also advise on all aspects of Turkish national and international trade law, including export or import issues, settlement disputes, and preventing unfair competition.

Our team members often work across borders and in practice groups in interdisciplinary teams. This approach ensures that our clients receive the most efficient and effective results.

Çekinmez’s Regulatory & Government Relations Team takes particular pride in our performance in the following:

  • Administrative Law
  • Antitrust and Competition
  • EU Law and Policy
  • Financial Services
  • Global Governance and Compliance
  • International Business
  • Corporate Reorganizations
  • International Trade
  • National Trade
  • Product Liability
  • White Collar and Corporate Crime

Restructuring & Insolvency

Enterprises need to review their corporate and financial structures in order to achieve their goals. Doing so will help them develop new plans for economic viability and administrative continuity for the future. Often companies can still run into financial difficulty; however restructuring can be defined as a vital necessity for ensuring efficiency, recovery, and sustainability of an enterprise even when debt seems insurmountable.

Clients wanting to conduct business need a legal team that stands at the ready to provide advice relating to corporate restructuring, modification of debt, or even redesigning the company makeup in order to avoid insolvency. Our team has first-hand experience in restructuring, enforcement, litigation, insolvency, and asset recovery.

What is more, we do not only provide consultancy services on restructurings and insolvencies, but our Restructuring & Insolvency Team will also undertake the negotiation for clients throughout bankruptcy proceedings.

Çekinmez’s clients consist of debtors, lenders, government entities, trustees, shareholders, senior executives, as well as creditors and asset buyers and investors. Our dedicated team has the in-depth knowledge, acumen, and professional elan to handle our clients’ restructuring and insolvency needs on a national and international basis.


Companies operating in the global economy face complex tax issues, both in their home country and in the jurisdictions in which they do business. This requires the coordinated global delivery of services incorporating both knowledge of national legislation, including tax treaties, as well as the appropriate international perspective to navigate the long-term challenges of international commerce and business operations.

Çekinmez assists clients in structuring a wide range of transactions from private equity deals to corporate acquisitions and disposals. Our clients benefit from the experience of our Tax Team in many areas of law, including corporate and finance, real estate, employment and employee benefits.