Clients looking to achieve their desired goals and maximize the profitability of their business ventures  while facing the inherent challenges of doing international business need reliable and qualified legal advice. At Çekinmez we provide an integrated approach on all general matters of antitrust and competition law so that you will always be on the cutting-edge of making new deals in both traditional and emerging markets.

Çekinmez shares its market knowledge and insight with clients across a number of key topics, such as sustainability, interaction with competitors, obtaining a dominant market position, and making supplier and customer arrangements. In addition, Çekinmez advises its clients on mergers and acquisitions, general competition law, arbitration, competition authority, tax law and many other different fields relating to antirust and competition law.

Lastly, administrative rules concerning antitrust and competition law oblige companies to conduct business in compliance with strict regulations. This often can negatively affect the market edge companies when conducting international business. It is therefore all the more necessary that companies have reliable, capable, and creative legal support when conducting and / or expanding their business.

At Çekinmez, you needn’t worry about strict administrative regulations and authority approvals. Our Antitrust & Competition Team is ready to assist you in all aspects of antitrust and competition law whenever you need us and wherever you do your business.